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Twin Bears Bakery was founded in 2020 in Frederick, Maryland. We are a family business with a passion for local grain and authentic sourdough bread. Our bakers trained at San Francisco Baking Institute and we take pride in using traditional techniques.

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What is sourdough? 

All Twin Bears breads and baked goods are sourdough. Sourdough bread differs from most commercial bread due to its unique fermentation process. Sourdough is leavened using a sourdough starter, which is a mixture of flour and water naturally fermented by wild yeast and lactic acid bacteria. In contrast, commercial bread typically relies on commercially produced yeast for fermentation. The wild yeast and lactic acid bacteria in the sourdough starter not only give the bread its characteristic tangy flavor. The extended fermentation process creates a chewy texture and complex taste. Twin Bears uses organic grains locally grown in the region around Frederick, MD, which adds another layer of uniqueness to our bread. These grains often have distinct flavor profiles influenced by the local terroir, making the bread even more special and connecting it to our community.


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