Week 20 Special: Fig & Walnut

Week 20

Fig & Walnut   


We love figs at Twin Bears. We have a few varieties that we grow and look forward to midsummer when the fig harvest starts. The figs all ripen slowly and at slightly different times so there are a few months when we are able to grab a fresh fig off the tree and enjoy the sweet summer treat. There are so many different varieties of figs out there. Some taste dark and pungent, others are light and floral. The go-to for baking is the Mission Fig. This fig first arrived in the United States in the 1760s and was planted around San Diego. It was brought here by Franciscan monks looking to bring some of the regional flavors they were used to with them to the US. The fig production boomed in California’s mediteranian climate.  

As I began to research fig varieties I found that Turkey was a large commercial producer of figs and both Turkey and San Francisco lay on virtually the same latitude. I began to research Turkish fig to sample the difference. Though Mission Figs are a wonderful tasting fig I fell in love with the figs produced in the Izmir region of Turkey. The light, delicate and caramel flavor worked so well in the bread that I had to find a good local source for the figs. Luckily it was not too hard. The soft and sweet flavor of the fig pairs perfectly with the tannins from the walnuts. We hope you enjoy this bread as much as we enjoyed making it!   

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Ingredients: Organic Flour, Filtered Water, Organic Figs, Walnuts, JQ Dickinson Salt (WV local)

Flour Blend:

60% King Arthur Select Artisan (Organic)

40% Migrash Farms Whole Wheat  (MD Local)