The Single Origin


When we started baking sourdough it was with local whole wheat. Honestly, it was not easy. Whole wheat presents some challenges when using natural fermentation. The gluten structure is more sensitive than white flour and can break down more easily. The fermentation is more active and it is easy to over proof. But once you taste a good whole wheat sourdough, one with a dark rich finish on the crust that gives way to a rich and moist crumb you will forever be converted. I bake the Single Origin every day; it’s my weathervane. It’s a perfect looking glass into that specific fermentation cycle. It’s simultaneously my best friend and my toughest critic. If something is off it will show itself in the flavor profile of the Single Origin. This trait was a huge asset as we were developing our bread. All the fermentation changes we made started with the Single Origin then spread to our other breads. 

We continue to refine and develop our process of creating Twin Bears breads. We are honored to serve a number of bakers, chefs and food lovers. Our changes are so slight now that most don’t even notice. I think one of the aspects that holds my attention with sourdough bread baking is the concept that you are never really done learning. You are also working to improve and learn. I appreciate the opportunity to share this process with each and everyone of you.   



Ingredients: Organic or Local Flour, Filtered Water, JQ Dickinson Salt (WV local)

Flour Blend:

100% Migrash Farms Whole Wheat  (MD Local)