Oat Porridge


Oat porridge provides a challenge for a number of bakers. It took us a bit of testing before we found an approach we were happy with. The abundance of starch in the porridge helps feed the enzymatic reaction during fermentation. This process converts the starches to simple sugars. We also include a hint of honey with this loaf. You may notice a sweetness you haven’t experienced in bread from previous weeks. The abundance of simple sugars releases flavors that you wouldn’t normally experience. I get hints of cinnamon. These are all results of the miracle of natural fermentation. We hope you enjoy this bread as much as we do. 

Have a wonderful week!


Ingredients: Organic or Local Flour, Filtered Water, Organic Oats, Honey (MD local), JQ Dickinson Salt (WV local)

Flour Blend:

80% King Arthur Organic Select Artisan

20% Migrash Farms Whole Wheat  (MD Local)


Allergy warning: Our bread may contain trace amounts of peanuts, tree nuts, olive pits and/or seeds.


Q: What is the best way to store fresh bread? 

A: We get this question a lot! We use a few very simple strategies to preserve fresh bread.  

  1. The best option we have found is a good quality bread box. it will keep your loaf enjoyable for up to a week!
  2. After cutting the bread, keep it cut side down on a cutting board. The crust naturally forms a defense against moisture loss and damage from oxygen. Keeping the cut side covered and allowing the crust to stay dry and open to the air will keep your loaf enjoyable for up to 3 days. 
  3. Cut and freeze. If you plan to keep the bread for longer than a few days, cutting and freezing is a great option. Cut thick slices and wrap them individually. You can take them right out of the freezer and pop them into a toaster or oven. The bread comes out tasting like a cut loaf! 


Q: What can I do with bread that is past its prime?

A: There are many options, but here are some of beavorites:

  • Revive a slightly stale loaf by running it under water for about 15 seconds and then baking in the oven until it is warm throughout. You can only use this trick on the loaf once, but it makes it almost like new!
  • Crostini – Slice the bread thinly (roughly ⅛ inch thick) and bake at 400° until crispy. Brushing with olive oil is optional. Enjoy the crostini with any toppings including hummus or baba ganoush.
  • Croutons – Cube the bread and toss in olive oil and salt. Garlic powder is optional. Bake at 375° until crispy. Enjoy on salad or in soup, but you may find that the croutons disappear before they make it to a dish!