Flax and Sunflower

Sunflower and Flax Seed

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The history of the Sunflower and Flax Seed Loaf goes directly back to Richard Bourdon’s Berkshire Bakery. Bourdon’s bakery has been in operation and making great bread since the 80s. His work influenced Chad Robertson of Tartine, who in turn is a pillar of the contemporary American sourdough scene. We learned about the Sunflower and Flax Seed Load from Robertson’s book Tartine Bread

This loaf introduces the flour that we milled in-house for this loaf. We began our milling journey a little more than a month ago. We continue to learn and refine our process. Even after a month we are making a flour that is well suited for our needs. The house milled flour  has a more robust flavor and it makes our fermentation MUCH more active. We mill our grain at a low temp so many of the minerals and enzymes that would have been destroyed in a larger mill are preserved. It has been a fun journey expanding that side of the bakery and we look forward to sharing more of our fresh milled four with you. 






Ingredients: Organic or Local Flour, Filtered Water, Flax seed, Sunflower seed, Salt (WV local)

Flour Blend:

50% King Arthur Organic Select Artisan 

30% Migrash Farms Whole Wheat (MD Local)

20% Twin Bears Milled Whole Wheat (MD Local)