Making of the Classic

Our first loaf we developed and brought to a point where we said “This is done”. The original inspiration was the classic San Francisco sourdough. We originally called the loaf The SF. During the development process we strayed so far from the traditional approach to SF sourdough we decided we should find it a new name. The Classic felt right as this loaf definitely embodies what we have come to know as sourdough. We keep the crumb about medium, still open and airy but closed enough to only have maybe a hole or two on a 1/2” thick slice. Open enough to have pockets for your favorite toppings to gather, tight enough to hold a sandwich together in a lunch box


4% @jqdsalt salt

5% @lindleymills sprouted rye

10% @migrashfarm 84% extraction whole wheat

10% @migrashfarm 99% extraction einkorn

75% @kingarthurbaking Organic Select Artisan BF

16% levain

74% hydration

•3 hour autolyze
•laminate in salt wait 30m then laminate in Levain
•3 hours W/ coil fold every 30m
•3 hours bulk
•Preshape & 30 min bench rest
•Final shape & 30 min rest in banneton
•14 hour proof @ 47 degrees

If you have any questions on this loaf or any general Sourdough questions let us know.
Or, if you want to have us bake it for you, order HERE.


Meanderings from Twin Bears Bakery

Sometimes things just roll so smoothly in the bakery. You’re cleaning as you go, thinking ahead and just in the flow of the bakery process.
Other days you’re covered in flour, stuff isn’t rising right and you feel constantly behind.
The bakery is full of both practical and spiritual lessons.
Whether you’re ahead or behind, baking 1 or a few hundred loaves take a moment to be thankful for the opportunity to serve your community as its baker.
Pictured here are a few loaves we have headed out to our wonderful customers.