the Olive and Herb Loaf

The Olive and Herb Loaf

Hi There-

The famous or infamous olive loaf has returned once again. Few loaves are as polarizing as this one. People either really love it or really hate it. Olives definitely are the main driver of that polarization and they take center stage in this bread. We pair light and buttery green Castelvetrano olives with full flavored black Coquillos olives to bring a diverse flavor profile. Gently wrapping the up front flavor of the olives is a classic Herbs De Provence. We spent a few months tracking down a high quality spice provider and it really shows. Once we obtained the herbs we found we had to adjust the ratio of spices down to find the harmony. The flavor is unmistakably floral and nuanced just as Herbs De Provence is intended to be. And finally in the background you will find layers of citrus and lemon. Together all these flavors create a wonderful medley. Think a picnic in the French countryside meets a Mediterranean dinner. 

We hope you enjoy it!    





Ingredients: Organic or Local Flour, Filtered Water,Olives,Herbs Salt (WV local)

Flour Blend:

60% King Arthur Organic Select Artisan 

40% Migrash Farms Bolles Whole Wheat (MD Local)

Kamut and Chestnut Flour

Hello –

Holiday season is always a great time for food. So many classic and wonderful dishes of food, plenty of time for celebration and an opportunity to reflect on the year. Our small community bakery has certainly had an interesting year. Outside of the occasional social media post, our growth is largely due to word of mouth. Its people like our friends Nicole and Jane at Silvoculture inviting us to their event and giving us an opportunity to speak that has really impacted our tiny sourdough bakery.

Silvioculture hosted a chestnut roast and was the inspiration for this loaf. Chestnuts have a long history of being used in naturally fermented breads in Italy. We were a little nervous about working with nut flour but after some reading and research we dove right in. We were immediately very happy with the results. The Chestnut flour brought a delicious sweet and nutty aroma to the bread. Pairing it with the ancient grain Kamut was an easy choice. We hope you enjoy this bread as much as we do!