Spelt with Tahini and Sesame

The Spelt with Sesame and Tahini Loaf 

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I am always really excited when this loaf comes around. The nutty flavor of the spelt pairs perfectly with the tahini and sesame crust. We milled the spelt in-house this time and we are glad we did. The wholemeal spelt definitely has a deeper and richer flavor. I love how fresh milling grain opens the door to so many new flavors with grains. I am finding the desire to go back and explore all the grains we have worked with in the past. What grains would you like to see us fresh mill and work with? Send us a note on social media or email with your suggestions. And as always, Thank you for choosing us as your baker! 






Ingredients: Organic or Local Flour, Filtered Water, Salt (WV local)

Flour Blend:

60% King Arthur Organic Select Artisan 

35% Migrash Farms Oberkulmer Spelt (MD Local)

5% Migrash Farms Bolles Whole Wheat (MD Local)


The Real Whole Wheat

The Real Whole Wheat

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The term “Whole Wheat” can mean a lot of things when it comes to the actual flour used to make the bread. Unfortunately there are some flours on the market that call themselves whole wheat that are certainly nowhere near what we consider a true whole wheat here at Twin Bears. Thank goodness we found Migrash Farms so early in the process! Without Ian and his team producing amazing flour I think our Sourdough adventure would have been very different.
We began our own journey into milling a few months back when our good friends at Motzi Bread loaned us a spare mill they had. After a few days of playing with it and experimenting with the fresh milled flour we were hooked and they were kind enough to sell the mill to us. The biggest challenge was adjusting to the rapid fermentation of freshly milled flour. The freshness of the flour is like rocket fuel to the fermentation process. It took us a while to adjust to using the new flour and get the hang of working with it. You hold in your hand the first product that features Twin Bears milled flour as the main flour. The color and flavor are both bold and amazing! We hope you enjoy this bread and we look forward to sharing more wholegrain goodness with you in the future.